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Creation consists of vibrations at different frequencies and amplitudes that give rise to the phenomena of the world.

Each letter of Sanskrit — meaning sound — is associated with the human body and is a living being. They form words, the pronunciation of which causes a special sound vibration that changes space. Mantras, composed of letters and words of Sanskrit, have a multi-level interpretation and translation, which are revealed directly to the practitioner depending on his level of consciousness.

Mantras vary in their structure and length. Mul mantras are those mantras that have a large number of syllables.

In contrast, bija mantras are monosyllabic, usually ending with anushvara (a simple nasal sound).

They are received in the name of the deity; for example Durga gives dum and Ganesha gives gum

Bija mantras are attached to other mantras, thereby creating complex mantras. These mantras have supernatural powers and are transmitted by the master to the disciple.

Mantra Japa is the practice of repeating the same mantra an auspicious number of times. 108 repetitions are recommended and it is believed that repeating the mantra gives it the opportunity to manifest its full power. Sometimes 3, 5, 10, 11, 54 or 1008 repetitions may be recommended.

Japa is helped by a rosary containing 108 beads and a head bead. Having reached 108 repetitions, if you want to continue another cycle of mantras, you need to turn the rosary back, without crossing the head, and repeat the cycle.

Japa mantra is considered most effective if the mantra is repeated silently

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