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Bhaga Vastu is an architectural studio that specializes in creating projects using a holistic approach both in the creation of architectural projects, residential buildings and public buildings, interiors and landscapes, as well as in the diagnosis and correction of existing residential or business premises in harmony with Nature, using in his work the ancient science of Vastu Shastra. Creating a harmonious project can bring invaluable benefits to the life of every person.

Bhaga Vastu studio allows clients to receive the favorable energy of the Universe, helps to attract health, prosperity and good luck into the home. The science of Vastu is based on the fundamental laws of Nature, such as the influence of the Sun on our planet, the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, on the principles of sacred geometry, cosmology and physics.

Architecture and design must take a holistic approach to design so that people can use the full potential of nature to improve the quality of their lives.