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Vastu land design
Planning and zoning the house inside
Sketch architectural design
Vastu maps of house and plot
Description of the advantages and disadvantages of your pom and site
An explanation of how they affect you and everyone in your family
Diagnostics according to Vastu in PDF format
Planning solution
Vastu project for decorating space
Complete project design
Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment from the point of view of Vastu
Recommendation on the advisability of purchasing or renting an apartment
Vastu analysis of any space, recommendations and a list of corrections for your apartment, house or business property

Convenient PDF file with all the information — the “Book” about your home

Carrying out time up to 90 minutes.
Ratna Dhyai
Upa Ratna
Ashta Linga Staphana
Vastu Nabhi
Uttara Soma Jagar
Laying Ruby
Laying Around Mahadosha
Laying Pearl
3 Bali
Blue Bottle